August 20, 2015

Cultural Immersion – Ana Vasquez

DVG Cultural Immersion Week with DeVries SLAM

This past week working from the SLAM office gave me the opportunity to experience UK work culture, learn about the similarities and differences of our practice and meet fellow DeVries coworkers.

As if the stars aligned, I was invited to join SLAM’s Away Day, a company outing similar to DeVries Global’s Summer Service Day. Everyone spent the day playing games, talking, eating and taking in the breezy weather. I deeply enjoyed spending the day meeting everyone outside of the traditional office setting.


On Thursday, I was offered the opportunity to attend an event for their client Qcumber where media and consumers enjoyed a 3-hour canal boat ride along the Thames River. In speaking with everyone and listening in on conversations, I learned that tactics such as consumer events, press junkets and on-going news bureau pitching are common practices in both countries. Although the audience, metrics and media outlets differ, the field of public relations is very much similar in the U.S.

What I truly enjoyed the most from this experience was being part of SLAM’s unique sense of community. I take away with me great memories and a new desire to work abroad again.

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