Recent Work - DeVries Global

Echo Falls

How did we make a new generation of girls fall in love with Echo Falls?


How did Hunter use Glastonbury to engage a new millennial audience?


How did we make Benefit’s Roller Lash launch such a success?


How did we make Quaker synonymous with the health benefits of oat?


How did we help Tanqueray standout in the premium gin category?

Beats by Dre

How did we help ‎Beats restore emotion to sound for a European audience?

Krispy Kreme

When Krispy Kreme partnered with iconic hazelnut spread, Nutella, how did we announce it to the world?

Hardys Wine

How did we help Hardys Wine change the public’s perception of Chardonnay?


How did we help Zippo transform from a lighter to a lifestyle brand?


How did Benefit own the World Cup in 2014 and create a legion of new fans

Maui Jim

How did we bring the Aloha Spirit to Europe?


How did we break the influencer mould with the creation of the Aussie Tribe?



How did we help launch one of the most exciting products of 2018?

Zippo x Flame Art

How did we help Zippo appeal to a new legion of fans?

Krispy Kreme x Hershey’s

How did we convince the UK that we changed the brand’s iconic name?

Zippo x Street Art

What happened when Zippo created the world’s biggest piece of art?