March 10, 2016

#SuperStart with Darcey Bussell

Quaker discovered their greatest business opportunity was to re-engage light or lapsed female users of the brand, who are over 55 years old, without alienating their broader core audiences of women aged 30 to 65.

To do this, DeVries SLAM identified the importance of mainstream TV talent shows and celebrities to the target market. We sought a mouth-piece who would appeal to this group whilst being synonymous with the optimistic and inspiring messages of vitality and balance that we wanted to deliver on behalf of the brand.

We identified and recruited former prima ballerina and TV talent judge, Darcey Bussell to front the Quaker #SuperStart campaign in January, empowering the nation to kick start their day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast of wholegrain porridge oats. Loved by mainstream audiences, Darcey was in the public eye, fresh off the judging panel of the Christmas final of Strictly and hot media property. This was married with an achievable ‘down to earth’ presence alongside her glamourous television persona that struck a chord with our audiences.

To herald the launch of our campaign, we issued a rallying cry to the nation to  #SuperStart their day, Shocking reserarch revealed that when it comes to a healthy and nutritious breakfast, the Great British workforce is losing its greatness – a quarter skip the most important meal of the day altogether!

Harking back to our audience’s youth, we produced engaging and humorous viral video content featuring Darcey Bussell as she has never been seen before, going about her morning DANCE routine, set to a re-record of a ‘70s disco classic, entitled ‘Do the Bussell’.

We debuted the ‘Do The Bussell’ video at an at an engaging morning media event at exclusive ME hotel hosted by Darcey including a stunning sunrise-backed morning workout, with compelling speakers on the functional and emotional benefits of oats.

Media guests were treated to a revitalising overnight stay, with a hamper packed full of goodies for a #SuperStart including pyjamas, eye-mask, a book of mindfulness and energizing face wash.

Personalised wakeup calls meant our journalists were up in the rooftop bar by 7am to start off a fun filled morning.

ME’s Head Chef, Barry Vega, gave guests a mini cooking workshop enlightening media with different ways to cook a delicious bowl of super grains. Everyone was keen to try for themselves and decorate their bowls from the range of tempting toppings – honey comb for those with a sweet tooth and pomegranate for the health conscious!

Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos were both on hand to give engaging and insightful presentations. Charlotte spoke about the health benefits of oats and why wholegrain is an important staple of a balanced diet, whilst Linda discussed different morning typologies and how to wake up more effectively.


Not only was this a #Superstart to our day, but the campaign had great success with 114 pieces of coverage appearing to date.

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